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NOTICE: NEW DAY starting February 8th!

Join us every Thursday, at 10 AM PST – 1 PM EST Virtually online! A live Interactive Bible Study

Latest Bible Study Handout and video Meeting Link to participate any where in the world for this Wednesday, 10 AM Pacific Standard Time, 1 PM EST.

Greetings all and Happy Blessed Monday!

Our next Bible Study is this Thursday, February 8th, 10 AM PST – 1 PM EST as we continue in the Book of Ephesians Chapter 4: 1-16. The Google Meet Interactive Video Link is:  

Great News! We now have unlimited time for the Google Meet video interaction!!! The Bible Study Handout is attached for you to print or follow along on your PC, iPad, etc. 

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See you Thursday at 10 AM PST!

In His Service,

Pastor Bob

Handout for January 18th, 2023

November 2, 2022 Handout:

Bible Study Live Link:

Here is the Bible Study handout for October 12th, 2022: